Non-Invasive MicroCurrent Facials

Repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Rejuvenating facial system with the use of Microcurrent Technology. We reverse signs of aging and give you immediate results after your first session.

Revitalize Your Skin

Stimulate Your Skin’s Own Collagen With a Microcurrent Facial in Kelowna.

Microcurrent Facials lift up your skin with instant visible results and zero downtime. Microcurrent facials give off a very low current which repair skin and stimulate your skin’s own collagen and elasticity production.

Amazing Results

Think of it as a mini workout for your face

We give your cells a micro size amount of energy and in return your cells give back to you. Our focus is to create lasting harmonious flow and balance at a cellular level to your whole body.

Repair Tissue

Increases regeneration of soft tissue cells by repairing and reducing inflammation (acne, fine lines, scars, wrinkles and much more). Improves cell metabolism and injury repair. 


Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to help tighten and re-educate facial and neck muscles.

Painless, Non-Needle

Acupoint is our non-needle acupuncture technique which stimulates master points that enhances total health, grounding, balancing and improvement in the face.

Microcurrent Facials - Relaxation and Results!

Your face will look healthier, more glowing and more youthful! Rest, rejuvenate and get real results. Rewarding experience with a mini-electric stimulation. This facial is 100% holistic and non-invasive.

Current image is a mobile service!

Enjoy the benefits of a Microcurrent Facial from the comfort of your own home!  **Base price $147.00 for 90 minute facial, travel not included. Book your consultation call to set your price and book your session!**


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